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This machine concentrates all the advantages of other cement block shaping machines into one, which is a new model researched and developed by our factory under the consideration of production and maintenance conditions in the medium and small-sized cement block manufacturers in the towns and countryside of our country. Using this machine , all kinds of normal wall blocks. figure blocks for diversion wall, road blocks and curbs, etc. can be produced. With this machine, the hollow ration of the products made ty this machine meet the traditional construction practice , with high compression strength and 0.67R of thermal resistance of thin-wall hole. Outstanding Characteristics 1. It is reasonable in design and compact in structure . For this machine, a programmable controller is adopted so that it can achieve directional librating, converter braking and quick eliminating energy consumption. Additionally, it is no need manual supplying the plates so that the labor intension can be decreased largely. 2. The error in quality is less than 1%, and the error in intensity is less than 0.5%. 3. Its pressing from the top and bottom, and librating and tamping forcefully is specially suitable to produce the high-intensity blocks,which can be piled up(five layers) immediately after the shaping . 4. It is of multi-purpose. With different moulds, different shapes and specifications of wall blocks can be produced. —————————————————- henan kowloon machinery manufacturing add:jiulong industrial park, zhengshang road,zhengzhou city tel:0371-67859597 fax:0371-67859596 pc:450042


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